Regulatory Value Chain Framework

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Business Establishment




  1. Incorporating a Company

  2. Manufacturing Licence

  3. No-Objection Letter for The Location of Projects

  4. Preliminary site suitability assessment

  5. Environmental Impact Assessment reports

    Incentives by Legislations
    1. Pioneer Status

    2. Investment Tax Allowance
  1. Planning Permission

  2. Building construction permit

  3. Fire safety requirements and certification

  4. Licence to occupy prescribed premises and prescribed conveyances

  5. Approval for foreign participation in the Distributive Trade in Malaysia
  1. General employment requirements

  2. Minimum wage requirement

  3. Contributions to the Employees Provident Fund

  4. Contributions to Employees’ Social Security

  5. Worker’s Insurance coverage

  6. Occupational safety and health requirements

  7. Foreign workers work permit

  8. Expatriates post work permit/visa
  1. Business Premise licence and Premise signage licence

  2. Machinery registration and certification

  3. Approved Permits (Import and Export Permits)

  4. Import Permits

  5. Scheduled waste management

  6. Export of scheduled wastes

  7. Export permits

  8. Electrical equipment manufacturer / importer registration

  9. Manufacturer/Importer Certificate of Conformity for regulated electrical equipment

  10. Certificate of Approval (COA) for the manufacturing / Importation of electrical equipment

  11. Certificate of Approval (COA) for the display, selling or advertisement of electrical equipment

  12. Marking or labelling of approved equipment

  13. Registration of Trade Mark

  14. Application Filing for Patent

  15. Registration of Industrial Designs

  16. Protection of Integrated Circuit Layout-Designs

    Incentives by Legislations
    1. Free Zones

    2. Licensed warehouse / licensed manufacturer warehouse (LMW) (Note: at least 80% of products stored should be for export)

    3. Import duty exemption on raw materials / components / machinery / equipment

    4. Sales Tax exemption on raw materials / components / machinery / equipment

    5. Reinvestment Allowance

    6. Accelerated Capital Allowance

    7. Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) and Automation Equipment (AE)

    Other Incentives
    1. Preferential Certificate of Origin (PCO)

    2. Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

    3. Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin

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